Posted by: mrrx | June 8, 2005

Writs = Quests

Tezcatlipocca : 90% XP. Hung around for a short session in Thundering Steppes and did nothing but writs and harvesting (9 of 15 wild hyacinths gathered).

First writ – kill Sabertooth lookouts. There were plenty of these guys in the second crater near the fallow fields, green down arrows. Grouped usually with one tougher gnoll; still they went down easy.

Second writ – kill Animated Scarecrows. A couple of these guys were wandering around on both the north and south side of the fallow fields. A bit north of the burned-out house I took down several of them; and got most of the rest hanging out in my usual spot, fallow fields near the two craters. Took a lot longer to get them because there were no fewer than three different types of scarecrows, and I had to kill some of the "wrong" ones to get the animated ones to spawn.

Third writ – kill Sabertooth Scouts. There aren't many of these guys out there. When I followed the road past Thundermist Village I ran into two wanderers and took them down for the update. I checked the third crater on this road and none of them are hanging out down there. Hopefully I'll find more later.

Fourth writ – kill Griffawns. Something like baby griffons. I didn't look too hard for them but did get one for a single update. I am betting there are plenty of them in the large field full of griffons and centaurs.

After completing the first two, they disappear from my quest journal and I get a new completed quest. No reward other than status. So these are basically quests all right, with no reward, and with status given out. Kill ten rats, once again. And they are totally boring as quests. No dialogue, a small entry in your quest journal, and when completed they just poof and disappear. Not even a "Writ completed" message.

Not that I won't do a bunch to inflate my quest count – I mean, a guy has to have standards right? I've staked mine out as quest count, pretty clearly. And once they're completed, I'm surprised to find I've contributed status to the guild.

Now I'm confused. What the hell is a patron anyway then ? If any guild member can complete writs and contribute status to the guild, why have patrons? I suppose patrons give a larger amount of status to the guild. I'll have to look into this. It starts to sound like I have no real need to be a patron so I should just quit worrying about it and move on. But then again, is it important to me to contribute the maximum amount to the guild ? If so you obviously want to be a patron. Depends on the patron bonus I guess.

Called back to Nettleville, collected what I needed from my bank to get started on my two tradeskill tasks (workshop, and Ironforge). Planning to complete both tasks in my next session. I'm sick of him being a scholar – I want to create potions. I can't create the better potions because my tradeskill level is too low. So hopefully I can get cracking, surrender and create scrolls and runes, and get no further tasks requiring me to create them after level 20.


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