Posted by: mrrx | June 7, 2005

Patron Puzzle

Tezcatlipocca : 65% XP. Polished off another group of quests and am closing in on 250 quests completed. After reading a tip on the message boards, I bought the silver coins which Tish Tinker needed from the broker; took out the final gnoll for the mining guide part II; was surprised to find Blackburrow gnolls counted as well for a dropped item quest and so completed that quickly; and got my final drowned footsoldiers.

I now have two overlapping giant quests, except that I've yet to see a giant in Thundering Steppes. They must be in the south portion of the map I've been unable/scared to explore so far. And I'm also asked to explore Nektulos Forest to find Kitty Valencia – that's not going to happen anytime soon.

Despite numerous retries I did not get good tradeskill tasks. I think I need to bite the bullet and just make more scrolls etc to get me to level 20. I'm also not pleased with how far behind his tradeskill level is – 17 scholar yet 24 mystic. So it might be time to just get busy in the workshop and ignore the rest.

I got five city writs this session, and completed my first one – the Ironforge Exchange one. Made some potions and got 600ish status points. Even though I did not get patron in the guild, I went ahead and picked these things up and got started. There was a big conversation in guild chat about how many patrons to have, how much they should be required to do, etc. Guild leader is thinking about reducing patrons to 12, which I didn't agree with at all, and/or requiring more participation. Lots of opinions expressed. One of our highest guys says that 24 patrons is better, and that sounds more like what I'd like to see. Maybe even 30 would be my wish. I hope she decides a broad base is better.

One amusing aspect of writs is, you can apparently start them much earlier than I did. I spoke to a couple of the lower-level writgivers, and they gave me a "quest" to go speak with so-and-so. Easy Questcount ++ for the win !

Now what happens if I really like doing writs and earning status; and I will be unable to be a patron? I think I should put out some feelers and think about what other guild I'd like to join. I don't want to do that at all, and I'm not sure yet patron status is *that* important. This is a nice group of people without the pressure to stay logged on all the time and raid , so I'm comfortable. Ah well.

Was on my way to Thundermist Village to deliver more mail when I noticed the late hour and logged off.



  1. Couple things about your latest post.

    If you have the SOE World Magazine (not sure if subscription is free for Station Access Pass members but at least the first issue is) they had a good article about how status for the guild is calculated.

    12 is definitely the magic number for patrons in a guild.
    You have the amount of status that a quest gives and you divide it by either the number of patrons in the guild or 12 whichever is higher. So if you have 24 patrons in the guild…yes you will have more people who can provide status for the guild but for each writ completed the guild will receive half as much status as if there were only 12 patrons.

    Also there are things that you as a non-patron can spend the personal status points you have earned on so it does pay to do writs even if you aren’t a patron.

  2. I’m not sure that the “best” patron number is that simple.

    If you quickly level up your guild with 12 patrons, but then have 2 of them leave the guild, their guild status points will be lost and the guild will lose a level, or more. Or you could have 30 patrons and when two leave, you lose some guild XP but not enough to delevel you.

    So it becomes more which feature do you want – stable guild level growing slower; or quicker leveling on a perhaps unsteady foundation.

    I’m definitely about stability. I don’t want to suddenly see the guild deleveled because someone decided to join a high-class raiding guild. And I think it’s cool that we the players get a certain amount of choice here – you can do it either way. 12, or 36? Or even more ?

    One thing is clear – you should always have at least 12 patrons because the amount of status gained is always divided by at least twelve.

  3. Probably the best idea with a new guild would be to have 12 to start with and level the guild up as fast as possible. Then add others in later to stabalize the status base.

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