Posted by: mrrx | June 6, 2005

Still Questing

Tezcatlipocca : 55% XP. Got back in the swing of things again. Finished off the Dusty Blue Stone quest while trying to get my AQ2 quest going. For AQ2, I need to spawn Plaguebringer Acolytes, and I just am not fast enough to do it alone. The good news was, that killing these creatures for whatever reason also updated the Dusty Blue Stone quest. I went back to the temple of life, and completed it; while choosing to go ahead with the heritage quest instead of getting some wussy reward.

And then I notice my guildleader put a hold on new patrons. Ergh. I guess I should have just asked for it right away. Well, 20/20 hindsight and all that. If I get close to finishing heritage quests, that's the time to worry about it.

Next traveled into Blackburrow and got *this close* to finishing the mining guide part two. I need one more treasure warder, and did not feel like waiting forever for one to spawn, so I just left and gave up. Did get the gnome his blackburrow stout to finish that quest – it's easy if you pink everything out first.

Enjoyed another round of the workshop task bug; created some Sten's Invigoration, and did not get credit. On the bright side, I next got a task to create poison and finished that quickly; and though I tried for the rest of the night to get one, I didn't successfully get another potion workshop task. Did a bunch of harvesting and got some stacks of material ready for sale. Sold a wolf bone chit in five minutes for 5g; and I thought that was pretty high, should have made it higher I guess.

Did a couple of quests in the Thundering Steppes. Despite it being a blue quest, I'm not going to try the Cove of Decay for a while yet as it is very dangerous to travel there. Also could not find drowned footsoldiers, although one found me bringing the total on that quest to 6/10. Finished off an easy quest or two, and got access to the bridge keep completed.


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