Posted by: mrrx | May 27, 2005

Test Server – Now What ?

Hatereaper : 30% XP. Wandered around for awhile in the Sprawl harvesting and bringing my skills up, and killing what aggro'd me.

Now he's in that very frustrating beginning part of the game. Several things combine to make things very frustrating :

1) I hate to destroy things.
2) You may manage to destroy valuable items if you destroy – I've done this.
3) I have four four-slot bags only, no chests, nothing in house vault
4) The rumor is nobody buys anything on Test
5) It's necessary to harvest *everything* or you don't get what you really want.
6) Much smaller economy, always, on Freeport versus Qeynos.

So I find myself left with a difficult situation. How do I get Hatereaper to the point where he has enough storage such that things aren't frustrating ? The bags I can buy cost several silver from the merchants – no doubt, any really worthwhile bags and boxes will be very expensive on Test, with a smaller economy and people who simply don't sell. I've been thinking about this and have a plan –

A – Level. Kill. Harvest & fill bags.
B – Take useless harvests and tradeskill them up.
C – Sell back useless tradeskill items.
(Most of the newbie recipes, I've noticed, net you a few copper each time. Nothing a plat-bot would be happy with, but enough to matter to a character with 10sp)
D – Buy available bags.
E – Make crude elm boxes for vault and bank.
F – Do any quests which give bags.

Right now it's very frustrating to see "Your Inventory is Overflowing !" all the time. I miss those teak boxes and boiled leather packs I have on Mistmoore. Then again, one lucky "?" sold on the broker can change most of that so here's hoping.


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