Posted by: mrrx | May 27, 2005

Froak ! Zzzzzz

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 24. 1% XP. Short session again today – but I did manage to finish off my turnins for the two completed shards. Then I accepted and did turnins for my Orb quest – which takes the rewards from the shard quests. I was a bit surprised to see I had, in fact, finished them all, and I got my level doing the turnin. Nice XP, and nice reward once I can finally use the thing.

Bah. Stupid withered mushrooms – still on sale for many copper pieces, so I'll be gathering my own when I can. Though I did harvest for awhile in Antonica I did not actually get any withered mushrooms. After checking the broker, I was off to Castleview Hamlet.

Today, live update #9 was applied and one of the most highly-anticipated, heavily-discussed, and long awaited things of all time happened – frogloks are now available in Norrath. If you can finish a solo/ small group quest, you personally can then make a froglok. If your raid can defeat some very large encounter in the Feerott, you unlock frogloks for your entire server.

But first, you start out with a new NPC in Castleview Hamlet. He asks you to find his companion Gliidib, who was lost on the beaches of Antonica. This is "Tolwyn's beach", where he spawns; or you could say that beach near Sir Jaeger's camp. You follow a set of waypoints next and eventually find the wounded frog. Attempt to get him to a guard tower, and he dies on the way there, then you talk to the Castleview Hamlet frog again.

Here's the tough part. He tells you that he needs to "meditate", to decide what to do next. In English, this means a one-hour in-game wait. Keep in mind I'm doing this at 1 am, staying awake by force of will only. I went out and gathered for awhile; got my Koadal language book and completed that newbie quest in Castleview requiring that language; and tried to decide what to do next.

Zzzzzzzz. Drool. And then I awoke to find myself in my computer chair staring at Mr. Frog. Great, I fell asleep trying to decide what to do next at 1:30 in the morning. Well, he gave me the next quest – I need to go to Vhalen's Tower, and defeat the assassin who is trying to kill the frogloks.

I made it to Antonica and logged off for the night.

I'm going on vacation for a week – tonight will be perhaps my final chance to do the unlock for soloers. It kind of makes sense for the solo quest to "disappear" once the serverwide unlock happens, and that would be a shame. So I'm going to make the attempt to finish it, right now.


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