Posted by: mrrx | May 26, 2005

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Tezcatlipocca : 70% XP. Short session today – finished up another group of quests, including 1 of 3 of the Bridge Keep Access quests, and brought my total to 215 completed.

Spent some time working my way through the Steppes ravine without aggroing everything, looking for drowned footsoldiers. Apparently this is the only place you can find them. I got 5 of the 10 that I need, and the odd harvest as well. Discovered Thundermist Village and got several quest requests out of it.

Completed the Flight of the Sage quest – apparently he sails off into the sunset, after leaving his belongings strewn across the Steppes. I don't quite get the ending, but the ring reward was good so I'm wearing it now. Also managed to progress on the Ghoulbane quest – I now need to kill some undead inside of Stormhold to go farther with that one.

Tried to buy withered mushrooms to work on another workshop task, and was shocked to see the cheapest ones prices at 28c. I don't think so – I'll gather them myself. Jeez, I was *destroying* these things for lack of a decent price to sell them at – 1c each is not really worth selling. Did succeed in getting more shards and I'm ready to turnin for two more orb collections; which then means I'll be able to complete the orb collection.

And with that, logged off for the day.


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