Posted by: mrrx | May 25, 2005

Where is the Underforge anyway ?

Tezcatlipocca : 50% XP. Started in Stormhold again. Killed many essences and a few low-green skeletons. Completed the "Defiled Sentries" quest. Then tried to sneak down to get into the Underforge.

The far eastern room contains a large spiral staircase. It's guarded by two ^ ghouls, green con, which I am unable to deal with – they would kill me if I fought them. So I waited until another player led them away and then walked through the door, and descended the staircase. This let me view the EQmap project map for the zone.

I noted that the atrium, needed for a couple of quests, is right there in front of me. Also, strangely, I would have thought that descending that staircase gets me to the Underforge – but it didn't. I didn't see it marked on this map either. I had time to take all of this in when suddenly two guards respawned, which someone else must have cleared away, so I ran for my life back out to the entry hall.

Explored for a bit and found a "Quartermaster" skeleton; looked like he might be an NPC type mob. I tried to get to him but got killed doing it. And with that, I found my patience with Stormhold at an end, and decided to work my Steppes quests.

Made my way to the dock and bought the rich girl her dress; and got my first view of Bridge Keep. This is two walls and sets of doors which go over a dry gully. A long while back, I agreed to find the sage who might be at Bridge Keep, but he wasn't there. The next quest step was to take out various creatures in the ravine for clues, and I got two of them taken care off.

Also picked up a couple of additional quests including gnoll hunting to access the Bridge Keep at any time – the doors close at night. And solved the mystery of Grandpa Bumble, which was really cool.

You have to wander the beach in search of an "X", which he supposedly puts in the beach to mark treasure. In reality you are looking for a "pile of sand" graphic which has a mouseover of "X". Then you enter a solo instanced dungeon, do a dungeon crawl through rats and pirates, and there he is at the end of the tunnel. I got halfway through the tunnel when I got a surprise encounter and had to run; my second attempt was successful. And then *he* gives you a quest as well.

Took down a few gnolls for the access quest, then realized the late hour and logged off.


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