Posted by: mrrx | May 24, 2005

Bye Bye Snye

Tezcatlipocca : 20% XP. Finished up the Rat Queen's book. Did not have the energy to try and organize a group to take her out, and get that access quest finished. So I just worked on finishing Deadeye.

Killed many, many, giant burrowers and ran from one end of the dungeon to another; but ultimately got my 5 vials of venom or whatever it was. Then I needed to take down Bloodsabers for rosin. Sheesh, this thing just never ends I thought. Stood in the Bloodsaber area and mowed down 40 or 50 of them, and eventually got the needed rosin – and…….. completed the quest ! You have gotten better at Questing (57) !

The reward is such a letdown, but it doesn't matter – I finished a real tough quest and put another notch in my quest book. And with that, I left the Vermin's Snye and took care of business. Put Deadeye up for sale for 3g – haha, nobody will buy it but it made me feel better.

Got another potion-making workshop task; and bought a cracked dwarf bone for cheap (Score !). Did turnins for several more collection quests, and got selling set up for the night. Then made my way to Stormhold.

Last time I entered this place, it was too dangerous even in the entryway so I left quickly. Now, nearly every mob on the first level is pinked out. I did thoroughly explore it and it looks fantastic. Skeletons wandering a dead great hall – how cool is that ? There are some greens near the entrances to other levels, and a green ^^ named Lord Andrus and his group. I left them alone and whacked pink skeletons for a quest update. Also got two additional quests, including one requiring killing 50 of the life leeches which wander the place.

So hopefully I can get past the group greens and "find the underforge", and Hwal's rare wood; then kill off the groups of mobs needed for my book and other quests. I may actually get to kill non-pinked out creatures at various points too, which should be fun for a change!

Now, officially in the top 3000 of questers. Another 100 quests probably gets me to top 2000.

Hatereaper : Troubles for this guy with, of course, bags and chests. Not only is he a Freeport character (smaller market); he's on the Test server for an even *smaller* market. Those 50 sp are not looking very big right now.

Somehow I need to get him moving on storing and selling items, and probably the first step is to finish some wholesaler tasks and find 8-slot bags to buy. Did some harvesting in the Ruins to that end – even though I got the counterproductive harvest of "severed elm" – and logged.



  1. What method are you using to check your standing as far as most quests completed?

  2. If you subscribe to Eqplayers you get a character profile auto-generated for you. Click on Tezcatlipocca’s link then hit Achievements to see exactly what I’m looking at.

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