Posted by: mrrx | May 23, 2005

Deadeye Quest Sucks

Hatereaper : Ding 10 – now a Crusader. Had him finish off his hallmark quest, and knock down blue beetles and snakes at the Commonlands main entrance gate. They turned green upon hitting 10. I'm thinking I'll have him sneak off to update his "Welcome to Freeport" quest by visiting the Crossroads and the bone field; but I logged him off quickly.

Did /bug one item – dual text on the find NPC screen you get when talking to a guard.

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 23, zero XP. Finished off all but one of my book quests; the rabid shriller hunting quest; and this left me with but two additional quests to work on. The Rat Queen's story, and Deadeye.

The Rat Queen isn't that hard, and it's fun. I need to kill her to get access to some other zone, so that makes it especially fun to read about why she's down here; and the lore is well written, like many of the books. Not like the interminable Architecture book I just finished (yawn!).

Deadeye, though, is the quest from hell. Boy, if you get this quest it will test your determination to quest everything. It will also give you a taste of what higher-level quests start to feel like. By all reports many of them have this same feature, of going for a rare item, which updates for no real reason other than randomly, each time you "do something".

I had to kill 10 rats (!), to get rat gut to repair the bow with. Problem #1 – it's a rare drop off of these rats. Problem #2 – you need rats that are easily available, but are ^^ mobs so they take a long time to kill; or you can go after harder to find rats, that are quick kills. I had one of these items before I restarted the Vermin's Snye quests, and got eight while taking down the other book quests.

The last one was such a pain. Each rat I killed, I just about screamed, because the quest didn't update. Until perhaps the 30th rat, I finally had my ten rat guts. Time to work on the bow again.

Now, I find out that I need 5 poison sacs from Giant Burrowers, aka snakes, inside the Snye. Well, that shouldn't be too hard. Five snakes later, I realize that yippeee! – this part of the quest has the same feature as the rat killing. And not only that – Giant Burrowers are hard to find in the Snye. Way to go quest designer! Tez will be hanging out in here forever trying to finish this off. He has to pursue hard-to-find mobs for a 10%-ish chance to update his quest on each kill, so my guess is probably 50 snakes need to die. Should only take, hmmmm, 5 or 6 days?

Logged off after figuring a fresh start would make things more fun. Will pursue the snakes and when I can't find any, work the Rat Queen's book. Not quite in the top 3000 of questers; but real close. And I'm at 201 quests completed.


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