Posted by: mrrx | May 22, 2005

Maybe Book Quests Don’t Suck

Tezcatlipocca : 17 Scholar – 90% Xp to 23 Mystic. Finished up a third Antonican book quest, Dancer the Frontierslady's quests, and a few other ones all involving Antonica. Harvested a ton of stuff, and eventually was ready to do the Vermin's Snye route of quests.

It was actually a good XP reward, completing the blue- con book quest. Ignatia or Isabella's book. I got either 10 or 20% XP, I couldn't be sure because I didn't expect it to end at the point it did. Went back to Nettleville to do business. Also completed another workshop task and so got my next tradeskill level.

It is so simple to wander around Vermin's Snye and waste the things required for these books. I have no fewer than 7 quests running and have completed 3 or so. You get three from one book and three from another; and a third book appears to have one quest branch. Thank god most of it is easy.

I also have to kill rabid shrillers, which are apparently very difficult to pin down. There are some in the dungeon (/wave a rabid shriller) but I can't seem to find them. Then I notice they hide in the ceiling, inside the ceiling graphic – nice ! I have to kill 20 of them plus some book ones that overlap, to finish up a native Vermin's Snye quest.

And thankfully I made decent progress on the irritating Deadeye quest, and now have 5 or 6 of the rat parts I need to progress that one. Nearing 200 quests which will put me in the top 3000.


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