Posted by: mrrx | May 20, 2005

Book Quests Suck

Tezcatlipocca : No xp earned. So I’m a dedicated quester, so I’m going to do every quest available to me. And I finished two green book quests, which really were more like grey/pink quests, because at no time did I have to kill a mob which was tougher than pink. Even worse – the XP at my level is pretty low.

I spent most of my time in Blackburrow, picking up bits of collection stuff (blue ficus leaf – score!) and wasting gnolls. I also completed the rock quest for the froglok in Blackburrow. Each gnoll was pinked out, and when I took on the Champions it was really revealed how easy this was. I get into the middle of a group of *twelve* gnolls, yes twelve, and start swinging. They go down like ninepins and I’m not even scratched. I run from them, update the quest, and go back to the exact same group, which is now replenished because I zoned, and take them out again for the next update.

This was a step above grinding/camping mobs. At least I wasn’t sure what the next thing I had to kill was. And it had an ending, even if it took awhile. Each book has ten pages you need to read. You get another page, after killing the required number for that step. The book part was actually pretty cool; read some story and then read more after completing a step. The killing, now that got dull. Anyway, now that these are done, I have some more to do in Vermin’s Snye.

More? Well, yes, they suck but they get me higher in the quest standings. I really want to be in the server top 100 someday. And after I do the easiest ones I’m sure I’ll come to some on green or blue mobs.

Also progressed the Boots Were Made For Walking heritage quest. The toughest stage is killing a named griffin in Thundering Steppes named Bloodtalon, and a guildie was after the thing. I heard about it and ran out to join her, and I get there and not 15 minutes later he spawned.

We tried to do it with a group of four and the other three got killed (except me). Might have been because we were’nt a good group, no tank was there. I ran out of mana after nuking, healing, and debuffing; our other healer was OOM also. With a cleric doing DPS and a dirge doing tanking, it probably was a foregone conclusion, especially against a red con.

Second time we got a tank and another fury, and we were successful. The tank hit it, and I kept him warded and nothing else (My App IV ward is great). Didn’t run out of mana, and at no point did I even see the tank down more than 50%, which is perfect. Four of the five times my ward held until I casted another one; meaning he never got hit, which was awesome. The first one I didn’t time right so he started getting hit; but we had good healing, obviously. Our dirge DPS’d and our other cleric nuked.

Group broke up after the quest update. I have to go to Stormhold for the next step in the quest, but I figured I’d do that later.


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