Posted by: mrrx | May 18, 2005


Tezcatlipocca : 70% XP, both adv & scholar. Spent this session doing tradeskills – completed another work order for my workshop, and this one worked fine.

Also made a bunch of maple quills, to practice my woodworking skills. Had a guildie mention that she needed them, so I gave them to her, and she seemed a bit surprised. I think I might have kind-of committed a faux pas there. It's no good giving things to people if they feel bad about it. She worked her skills up by creating some spells with the quills, and gave me the spells. I have to check my mailbox today and see exactly what I got.

But you know, that's part of what being in a guild is about – being friendly, kind to other people, and giving to the extent it's not stupid giving. I think that was (at market value) a 3 gold gift which isn't going to break me at this point.

My selling went extremely well – I had a stack of cash after checking what was left in my vault. I sold a gnoll bone for the insane price of 10g. Ten Gold Pieces! I'm shocked someone wanted it so bad as to pay that price. So I took the gold gained from that sale, and gave it back to the guys selling collection items. Now my abjuration, channeling, and ficus collections are finished. Cracked bones are still out of my reach unfortunately, as are enchanted erudite and froglok bones.

The reward for the shard collections is a really nice orb – but I don't have enough Magic Affinity to use it. This affinity, for the uninitiated, means "level" in effect. Even better – you apparently initiate another collection quest by examining the orbs. No, I'm not going to get that started yet! I want to reduce the number of collection quests I've got, not increase them. I'm down to 7 right now.

The best part being, after I priced all my remaining items and put them into my vault, I see a guy selling severed maple for 1c apiece. I bought his 40+ pieces and put them up for resale. Easy money – I think.

Logged off in a sleepy state after beginning to kill gnolls for my book quests.


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