Posted by: mrrx | May 17, 2005


Tezcatlipocca : 40% XP. Ding 16 scholar.

Progressed a bunch of quests, yet again. Finished off the fishing quests from the hobbit in Windstalker; completed the scaly quest for Licha; and did all three of Hartook's quests. The first two are standard "Fetch and Fedex" quests, but the third was awesome.

I had to kill a bear for Hartook. To do so, I went into a solo-friendly instanced area named the Shattered Vale, and worked a ring event. It was a lot of fun! There was danger of dying if I didn't fight well, I got a few chests (if nothing I could use), and enjoyed the experience. I'm impressed.

Worked the dirt-covered shield quest, and got to a point where I had to kill my favorite mobs – Earthcrawlers, near Coldwind Point. It took forever to get these punks for the Bow for a Beauty quest. I killed a dozen, with no quest updates. So I figured I'd just try it again later, and as I pass by at different times.

Finished off my AQ1 quest and got a nice pair of gloves. Got several collector items but each was just something I sold as I already had the item collected. If you want a light brown ficus leaf, check the "?" around the farm area right as you exit North Qeynos.

I also accepted several book quests, and came close to filling my quest journal. They look pretty easy, and all involve as their first step killing pinked-out creatures, in either Antonica or Vermin's Snye.

Started work on my workshop task to make some potions. Got all my ingredients ready and made the first one – and the task didn't update. What's that about ? I decided to try it again, and still no update.

Great, so the work I did to get ready for making the potions is "wasted", for XP only. Well – not exactly wasted. I accepted another workorder and got another potion for once; usually I get scrolls and junk. I did notice that the potion uses most of the same ingredients. Just need to make some stroma-something extract from tubers. Did not get stated on it though, before I logged for the night.

Well into the top 4000 questers on Mistmoore – big grins.


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