Posted by: mrrx | May 16, 2005

The Lowland Gecko

One of the rarest and hardest to find creatures in all of Antonica, the Lowland Gecko will show in a tiny region only centered around the northern road. Hunters for the Far Seas company are often after these creatures but rarely find them.

The creatures appear but seldom, and still hunters destroy them. They camp their spawn points – as if the ridiculous things actually will spawn. Days can pass in the area and they won't appear. Overland miners find themselves killed by frustrated hunters. And for whatever reason, a very common requisition is the one to get these geckos.

Recommendations (Choose one) :
1) Far Seas should cease hunting these gentle, reclusive creatures.
2) Sony should institute a breeding program to create even more and let them spread across the land.

Yes, I finished this quest and was not happy with the difficulty finding the creatures.

Apparently, to get more geckos you should kill Lowland Snakes. They spawn quickly after doing so. {smacks forehead} Why didn't I think of that ?



  1. I think they just hide from people working for the Far Seas Trading Company.

    Took me about a week to get the Geckos I needed for that quest finding roughly 1 per day.

    Then a couple days later I was passing through the area and saw no less than 6 on tracking. Was enough to drive a guy mad.

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