Posted by: mrrx | May 16, 2005

Harvesting Fury

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 22 – 20% XP. Managed to finish the grind against the Caltorsis undead, while picking up the odd Caltorsis Cleric for my AQ1 quest. Stand near the temple, pull a single, destroy it, lather rinse repeat.

After picking up the new level, traveled back to the Vermin's Snye and finished off the tomb vermin quest, and the Bloodsaber Fanatic. Boy was he hard! A pinked-out encounter, Xloitl was still ^^ and with two grouped friends. His friends went down with no problem but consumed precious mana, and we fought each other down to zero mana. I stood there and out-poked him with my spear, tossing the occasional spell when some mana regenerated. He went down with me at 15% health. Fun fight !

Then it turned out that my last two catalog mobs are not in Vermin's Snye, but in Crypt of Betrayal. I zoned in and saw orange-con aggro mobs, bloodsabers, and had to leave right away. Guess I won't be finishing that anytime soon. And I suppose I should just go ahead and get more of the catalog quests anyway, cause I'm going to wait forever otherwise to start the next one.

Collection quests are still going very slow. I foraged one ficus leaf, not the one I wanted, and put it up for sale. It's dawning on me that I'll either get lucky and find them, or I am actually going to have to pay lots of gold to finish these stupid things. I did get one more cracked bone which saved me 5 gold at a minimum. Got one or two other shards as well, although the important items are the glowing shards. No idea where those are harvested as of yet.

Picked up a bunch of quests including several from the hobbit on the bed in Windstalker village; Captain Eitoa's requests to run around Antonica, and to kill the Bloodsaber in Windstalker; destoying gnoll "fetishes" near Blackburrow; and got started on the Boots Were Made For Walking quest. Harvesting 100 of both ores and timbers is right up my alley, and I got it finished in a few hours. The best part is, he doesn't take it all away after you do the turnin, he only takes 50 of each. ( I didn't see what he asks you to do next )

Tez is now a member of Faith and Fury, after making the most of his interview once sending a blind tell to the officer who was on. Writs are getting closer to being in reach. I don't think the writs count as being quests, so I'm unsure how determined I am to do them anymore; but if nothing else I'm working two heritage quests which are big time points.

Banked a ton of harvests, including a half dozen "rares", and got busy selling a lot of harvests. I really ought to either make elm quills, or sell the wood – it's taking up a lot of inventory space. I have seven glowing flowers, which are not that rare, and two each of truly rare items. Well, I think they are rare. Can't remember their names.


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