Posted by: mrrx | May 13, 2005

Halfway ground

Tezcatlipocca : 50% XP. Just trying to get through this part – level 21. At 22, I hope, I should be able to retry these many quests sitting around in my journal. It may be pretty boring to grind, but even then I have other things to distract me a bit while I do so. First, I do wholesaler collections. Second, I'm building up stacks of T3 items for sale. Third, I try to take down undead to get closer to a hunter title. And mostly, I really really want to see how all the quests come out once I get going on them so I'm just gonna slog it out.

Went to the broker and refused to pay any of the offered prices for collection items. Did a wholesaler task, and tried to get an acceptable workshop task without success. Got my rock samples for ghoulbane, and need to get to Thunderhoof Village in the Steppes to progress this quest. Did a few tasks for Borgus the trapper – beetles, sheesh – and now have a quest to kill deer.

Amazingly, after all this time harvesting there I have only a single item which is a full stack and therefore ready to sell. Well, besides roots and carbonite that is. Bought two more bags, each with 14 slots, so I have even more room before it's required to run back to bank. Collected some ants and am hanging onto them, but I'm selling all my unscathed bones. I don't think I'm gonna skip that quest, but I'm not cluttering up my journal with any more collection quests – I have 11 outstanding at the moment.

Knocked down some of the undead and scarecrows hanging around those fields, and even the yellow ones are very doable. Haven't taken on the orange ones and don't plan too – they would probably destroy me.

Logged off after a night of grinding.

Did install EQmaps and that's a nice little extra. You get maps for the unmapped zones, with quest locations and mobs, etc, all marked. I like it.


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