Posted by: mrrx | May 12, 2005


Tezcatlipocca : 10% XP. Spent the night sneaking around the fallow farmlands, harvesting everything that I got close to, and knocking down the occasional scarecrow and undead. Got 30 of my 40 rock samples for the Ghoulbane quest.

And then I gated back to Nettleville. Still trying to get an acceptable workshop task. And I worked the broker for awhile.

It is absolutely insane how much the collection quest items are selling for. On the one hand, I want to complete them so I want to buy them, except the prices are way out of my league; on the other hand, I can sell these easy for darned good money for something no more difficult than a quick diversion when I see a "?". The ficus leaves are ridiculous – 10g and up for the ones I need, for a level 15 quest. Ummm – no thanks.

I went back to Blackburrow to harvest some of them, but the spawn rate seems to have been adjusted. It takes a long time for that 2nd one to show, and my only real option in the intervening time is to kill pinked out gnolls for the body count. Not fun – so I gave up.

I also gave up on finding teak boxes for a decent price. There were briarwood boxes on sale for a good price, from a guy selling from his room. I ended up burning a ton of time trying to get to his room. Note to all – the Fish's Alehouse is in Qeynos Harbor, follow the road over the bridge going south and it's on your left side after a few buildings. But next, I had to figure out what room this guy was in. Either something is bugged, or this guy is in his room selling and has set access to NONE. Blah. Ran over to the broker and bought five briarwood strong boxes. Now I have no storage issues and can keep whatever the hell I want.

Also bought one cracked bone and one shard. Now have only…….. ten or so cracked bones to get. Yikes. And no spoilers seem to be out there about where to get various collection items. So that I don't forget, here's where I think collections can be completed :

Oakmyst forest – Chipped and scuffed shards. Shattered bones and butterflies. This is just a great place to harvest, period.
Blackburrow – Antonican Ficus leaves. Probably they are also in Antonica but I don't believe I've gotten one there. Cracked and shattered bones, heavy on the gnolls here too.
The Ruins (FP) – Shattered orc bones. You won't find these in Qeynos area, period.
Thundering Steppes – Unscathed bones.

I'll have to see after I get full stacks of stuff – but at the moment it seems you get more money for T2 resources than for T3. How does that make sense ? Everyone is harvesting like crazy in the Steppes, due to the Axe from the Past, and Ghoulbane quests. They have tons of stuff and just sell it. I'm getting 50c or so for T3 roots – not awful income, but yet its less than the T2 roots.

It's interesting that I don't feel any strong desire to buy equipment. Haven't bought a single thing. I probably should, I have some pinked-out stuff, but given my lack of knowledge about what stats are good, and what aren't, whether one stat point is worth 10 resists, it just isn't attractive.

Logged off in the Steppes. Four more windswept stones to progress the Ghoulbane.


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