Posted by: mrrx | May 11, 2005

Starting to grind

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 21. Now, the game is beginning to get into a grinding stage. I need that level 22 to feel like I can progress most of the outstanding quests I have. And achieving that is a matter of getting XP instead of questing – and the quests are pretty much drying up anyway.

Spent most of the night in Thundering Steppes, completed several assignments for the Trapper and got nice coin each time. Did a bunch of harvesting, and found a few windswept stones for the first time. I believe I picked up 12 of the 40 samples necessary to progress the Ghoulbane quest. Took out some of the undead guarding the fallow fields; it makes sense to have a mystic, priest-type character go after the undead so he's happy to do it. Mostly, had him sneak around the area and do harvests.

By harvesting everything in the area, I got windswept stones to spawn. And, of course, other players got into the act. At first I thought they weren't clearing the other spawns, but once I noticed they were I wasn't upset. You've got to clear all the spawns in the area to get more to pop – and new stuff that pops just might be the critical windswept stones. People who run after their nodes only just irritate everyone.

Made it back to Nettleville and turned in on my gathering quest. Also completed another workshop task, to make Agonizing Invulnerability. With many ingredients sitting around from my last go-around, this one was easy. It required Field Maple, which I have kept in the bank, and thankfully not sycamore. My next task became to make some kind of rune, so I'll be asking for a new one at the next opportunity.

Now, I'm kicking myself for not buying more teak boxes. The prices being asked are just gigantically higher. Next time I see them at what I paid this weekend I'm going to snatch up all of them. Plus ficus leaves are insanely expensive – I'd rather camp Blackburrow and harvest a million "?"'s. So long story short, I didn't buy anything. I even found, and checked, the black market broker in Qeynos Harbor – you have to swim into a crack in the wall to find his shop.

Logged off just after the ding.


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