Posted by: mrrx | May 10, 2005


Tezcatlipocca : 75% XP. Tez started the night harvesting, and I figured I'd have him fill up his bags first before I had him move on to something else.

He ended up killing each three-group of gnolls he encountered; completing the fallen bell quest; and harvesting for hours. It would have been even longer if he hadn't left the junk from the fungus nodes in his inventory. Man, you can spend a lot of time harvesting in this game. And if you're a mercenary, chasing after the gold, it only makes sense to get it and sell it.

Also picked up a new far seas req, and don't expect to see too many more of these. Unfortunately, its for geckos. Geckos are hard to find – they only show up in one spot, and were not there when I checked real quick. Once everything pinks out, you don't get chests, and that's where the requisitions drop. Also amused myself slaughtering groups of pinked-out gnolls. Gnoll hunter title in the works 🙂 .

Ultimately, I filled up and gated back to Nettleville, sorted goods and got busy selling. Visited the broker – and finished the gnoll lore & legend quest. Rather than kill tons of gnolls looking for an ear and a tooth, I just bought them for a stack of coppers.

Checked to see if any items were on sale for less than vendor price. (No, I'm not saying what they were). There was one, made 7 sp off of it. Also checked prices on the harvested items I use a lot and was pleased to see stacks of sycamore on sale for 2cp each. I bought them all and worked my wholesaler task.

I needed to make a poison potion, middling quality (2nd level). Having read up a bit more on tradeskills I had a better idea what to do than previously, where I just mashed buttons at random unless an event came up.

You get a set of buttons at artisan level, for everything; you also get a set for the three possible trees once you choose your artisan class. This meant I had two sets of icons I could use for the chemistry table.

The first set of icons, in brief, assist in progress. The second set assist in durability. So you start off using the first set and if durability becomes an issue, then you use the second set. If you can do it quickly enough, you can fire off three icons for each crafting round. I settled on two because I wasn't pleased with my ability to react to events when whacking three. And I was much more doing something, I had to be careful to save enough durability to finish, but also hit the icons to finish the damned process that much faster.

It was no contest – I finished off the order and didn't waste any items. Even have extra poison vials and trinoid left over. Turned it in, but didn't get a new task. I probably should have – I enjoyed that, and my artisan level is a bit low compared to my adventurer level.

Finally went off to the Thundering Steppes looking for harvests. Killed enough snakes for the trapper and completed one quest; need to kill crabs for him now. Harvested up 15 belladonna, and need to turn that in at the workshop; did not get any windswept stones. Harvested up some other stuff, then got tired and logged off.


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