Posted by: mrrx | May 5, 2005


Huehueteotl : Ding 17, 70% XP. This session was a good group session. The minute I log on there are guildies standing around me in Blackburrow. We formed up a group and commenced killing. They were there basically to get XP, while I was mostly after gnoll count, having XP as a bonus.

And we killed gnolls. We killed scrawny gnolls, patrolling gnolls, burly gnolls, and elite gnolls. We killed sabertooth diviners, shaman, and guards. We killed ^^, ^, and single gnolls. We killed pink gnolls, green gnolls, blue gnolls, white gnolls, orange gnolls, and yellow gnolls. If the gnoll was anywhere in Blackburrow, we killed it.

It was pretty easy all told for me – I let my pet attack and got a better handle on having it do so in a group. My part consisted of hitting "Pet Attack" every time a gnoll fell, and firing off nukes. Keeping the pet on the tank's target got to be a bit annoying actually; every time one fell it would fly back to me which is not what I wanted at all. The stupid thing should stay on whatever the warrior is hacking on; and the few buttons that I have do not let me accomplish that. Maybe there is a way to create a button that will do so.

Used that gnoll mastery spell to good effect. We didn't really practice with HO's very much, just accepted them as they came and tried to complete a bunch. Our warrior tanked and kept almost everything's attention; I only got aggro once and he pulled it off me. My inventory overflowed with canine saliva, adept books, and gnoll parts. And by the end of the night, my score stood at 455 gnolls killed, out of 500.

Just a few more to go, and he can move on to the rest of the betrayal quest. And once that's finally finished he can rest in his inn room in Qeynos. Hopefully, that's tonight. I understand after killing the gnolls it's much easier to finish – mostly running around after NPC's.


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