Posted by: mrrx | May 4, 2005

Sarn the Wayfarer, Take 3

Tezcatlipocca : Took a second look around Blackburrow, and realized he hadn't looked in the area behind the waterfall. And there, he found a group of ^ mobs including Diviners. So got my Diviners taken care of, went to Sgt Tillin to complete the quest, and got a second quest from Tillin – Miners this time. These, I know he can take. Got started on the run back to Blackburrow when he logged.

Huehueteotl :Ding 16, with some debt. Logged in and commenced gnoll killing; took out the easy ones in the entrance area of Blackburrow. Then decided to work on the Fallen Bell quest, which requires gnolls in Antonica. So had him take down easy groups in the countryside.

If the group was three green mobs, and if they stayed on the pet and away from me, then I was able to take them. It was also necessary for practicing his pet heal spell – his skill is low and it fizzles an awful lot. So I also had the pet tanking green ^^ mobs and stood there healing it. The times that I stood too close, two of the three came running after me and I barely survived those – except once when they got me.

Something was wrong when I logged on that I couldn't quite put my finger on, and then it hit me – my shards had regenerated! Now I was back to being fairly powerful. I was ready for the final solo confrontation. And Sarn came up.

Hue ran as fast as his scaly legs could take him and got to Sarn's spot near the Thundering Steppes. After a quick rebuff of the pet he engaged and defeated him easily. Pet heal and aggro management skills are improving.

As I make my way back towards the City for more gnolls to kill, what do I see ? Sarn the Wayfarer! That little bastard, he couldn't repop quickly yesterday like that, he had to do it after I took him down. Ah well, it's done at least.

Went back into Blackburrow and dinged 16. Made it to body count 197 of 500 before I sleepily logged for the night.


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