Posted by: mrrx | May 3, 2005

Sarn the Wayfarer, Take 2

Tezcatlipocca : Logged in for a few minutes – long enough to get frustrated that no Diviner mobs were up in the first cave in Blackburrow. Between that and the zone being crowded, it became obvious I wasn't going to accomplish anything.

And then I got my final Halas coin to complete that collection. Awesome. A tiny bit of progress after all. Now where's that damned shattered dwarf bone ?

Huehueteotl :70% XP. Logged in and checked for my enemy Sarn – not on. Did gnoll killing and found two good spots to take them on. First, the North Qeynos entrance has pinked-out mobs who were a piece of cake, even for a summoner missing two shards. Second, at nighttime the Archer's Woods has plenty of runts and a few other gnolls, all solo encounters. So I prefer the Woods but can always go to Qeynos entrance if I need to.

And then I checked again, and Sarn is back up ! I get a guildy who promises to help, and another new betrayer is on his way over. But we didn't stand close enough to the mob – someone else just randomly came by and whacked him. Argh! Thanks a lot man !

He was apologetic, and I just let him know that betrayers need that guy. I'm sure there are still tons of people who don't know, so lesson learned – stick close to the mob and take him down quickly next time he comes up.

Maybe my shards will regenerate by tonight, in which case I'll try him solo and that will be that. Gnoll score is about 130, so quite a few to go still.


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