Posted by: mrrx | May 2, 2005

Ready for Mystic

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 19 – 80% XP. Did a whole bunch of little quests, selling and harvesting, and such.

Made a new contagion spell at App III, and got some stuff ready to make more. I need to have him work his woodworking skill, because with his current skill level many of the quills he makes are too low in quality. That was one App III out of four attempts (no App IV dagnabbit). And it's clear that he needs to upgrade these spells as adepts, or anything else for that matter, are not available for purchase at any price. Well, he's ready to start working it anyway.

Had him stand around for awhile in Oakmyst and wipe out a lot of fairies. I was sick of having the fairly language quest cluttering up my list, so I just decided to make it a priority rather than taking out a few of them for the next 25 trips to Vermin's Snye to finish it up.

After he hit 19 I finished up my class quest. It was pretty easy actually, as long as you get a group for the first part; and get someone high-level to pink out all the mobs for the second part. Once again; you have to travel to the end of the Vermin's Snye in a group, to get started in a solo encounter. That's pretty strange. At least this time I got a high-level person to group with me and help me out.

So I finished up in the instance, came out, and helped my new friend with his quest, involving killing the "rat queen". Oh my god is she tough – our party wiped except for one player who survived. We stood around for awhile afterwards, and unfortunately stood there too long and she respawned. I revived the one guy who couldn't get away in time and we ran around like scared little girls for awhile. After everyone got out, we broke up, and I got finished with my Mystic quest. Now I just need to hit level 20.

Tried to do the "Foul Wind" quest, but after reading up on it I realized just how easy it was to complete – enter Firemyst Gully. You are done. Pfffft. If you have a large group it might be a fun encounter afterwards, so I may try that in the future.

Tried to finish up Sgt Tillin's Gnoll quest without success. I got one of the three Diviner mobs, but two of them were linked next. Even though they are pinked out, they are too tough for me. How embarassing. Every spell I hit them with they resist, so I have to figure out how to deal with that somehow. Even my upgraded Contagion spell didn't help that much.

Also tried going deeper into Blackburrow and made it as far as the bridge. Two linked green guard gnolls chased me out and I couldn't take them down – resists once again. Ultimately I logged wondering if I should group or upgrade spells, but deciding to try new tactics tomorrow. Still hoping to get that last Halas coin in here as well.

Now in the top 5000 in questers – yahoo!


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