Posted by: mrrx | April 29, 2005

Enjoying Summoner

Huehueteotl : Ding 11, 10% XP.

Completed Captain Sorio's Giant and Dog slaying; Skagga's sign request, and the hops and bank deposit for Bartender Galenus, in Big Bend.

Also finished up the two quests in Sunken City; wasn't that hard after all to find the masks needed; it got a lot easier when I found the first one, and it was a stationary box sitting on land. I thought you had to check all the floating ones too. And after attaining level 10 I had pinked out the skeletons, so killing them for pirate coins became childs play. Armed with a torch and ambient darkness in my computer room, I explored the city a bit better. Still think it's a crappy zone – too hard to see, instead of being depressing. But I also found an entrance to the Graveyard, so I hustled into there.

The graveyard looks really cool. Covered in mist and with skeletons galore, among various tombs. Of course, almost all of them are pinked out, except for the ones that I want to kill – they're hiding behind some ^^ group mobs.

Back to the ruins – finished the Axes revenge and the problem solving quests (kill 10 orcs). Found out that the mobs I needed for another quest are, surprise, among ^^ group mobs and among the toughest in the zone. Thanks guys – what is it with beginning quests being that difficult? I'm going to have to group for crying out loud.

Have roots and shattered bones for sale, and will need them : The Tellurian Recruit upgrades cost about a gold piece. The pet buff is also a good choice to upgrade.


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