Posted by: mrrx | April 28, 2005

Quest Sweep

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP; about 40% crafting XP. Started out by finishing the creation of potion of revitalization. This is a mana regeneration potion of some type – I'll have to make more of these just for my own use. I ended up with one extra which I'll try out at some point, even though it's the lowest quality possible (murky). Key ingredient – Sycamore, which is a semi-rare harvest from fungus patches I believe. Got my next task which is making some kind of pants; so I'll have him come back later and try for a good one.

Had him work the Outlying catalog quest – this involves traveling to four of the newbie areas and cataloging three creatures in each spot. Not difficult at all, and decent XP. Only had a bit of trouble in Forest Ruins finding one of the skeletons. Some guy was there destroying all the skeletons and didn't want to listen to me when I said "Don't kill them, let me catalog them first". Eventually I found some that were up before he got them and it was all good.

Next headed down to the Down Below, to work on the Catacomb creatures quest. What a confusing and easy place to get lost this place is. Recompleted one of the vendor's quests Working the Down Below, and cataloged all the creatures I needed down here.

Back in January I had finished an access quest to Crows Resting Place, so I reentered this and checked it out. Unfortunately, everything inside was pinked out which means I couldn't get a quest drop – it drops in a chest. I did get the alternate, evil way to complete this quest – get some manifests signed for the legendary Fippy Darkpaw.

I came in and didn't listen to this one NPC who asked me to clean up; I went straight back to Fippy. Halfway through his dialogue everything decides to attack me. No biggie – they're all pinked out. Even the tough guy, a ^^ fighter named Rollus, could hardly hit me and I ended up out of mana and beat him down with my staff.

Came back in to reset the zone. This time I got Fippy's quest, and went out to complete it. Along the way I picked up a whole bunch of quests – some super easy, and some hard. I even found an access quest of some type which is yellow to me. About three of them were for various tasks out in Antonica, blue quests.

I came back to Fippy and got my reward. The tunic is nice, but I can't decide if I should use the new tunic, or just continue to use my shamanic tunic. The question is the value of the various stats; is another 30 mitigation better then 80 or so resist points? Who knows? There's no stat ranker to help you decide. At the moment I'm holding on to it.

Vermin's Snye looks like the kind of place to use the revitalization potion. The rest of the cataloging needs to be done here, and I got everything done other than the final two creatures. The final two are high level, 23ish, so I'll have to be ready to run and survive the run. I also need to find them – no idea where they are.

Everything here looks either green or pink; and yet a two-skeleton group of greens hurt me worse than white cons in Antonica. Picked up a couple of additional quests in here, but due to the difficulty I decided to leave and try later, after cleaning up more quests.

Finished up a bunch of the easy ones and logged off. The goal with logging Tezcatlipocca on was only to keep him in the top 7000 safely, and instead I manage to push him to almost the top 6000. I'm much more interested in working on Huehueteotl right now.

Apparently, the betrayal quest will be fairly difficult to start. First, you need to run/sneak/make your way through a bunch of aggro mobs to get to the starting point in the sewers. The fights at this step are very difficult and take a lot out of you. So I'm thinking to have him attain level 16 perhaps; and maybe I'll have him do some serious harvesting and selling to get the money necessary for spell upgrades. Without a doubt he needs his Adept I for the Tellurian recruit; and probably other upgrades like his lightning bolt, and protective spells. And I guess I'll just go with whatever equipment he ends up with, but at this point he still isn't fully outfitted either.


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