Posted by: mrrx | April 27, 2005

Now Summoning

Huehueteotl : Ding 10. Barely. Hue explored several zones, starting with the Sunken City. It was probably the ambient light in my room, playing during the day for once, but I could hardly see anything inside of this place. Looks like another Freeport district, but its populated by rust monsters, skeletons, and a giant crab named Muckraker. I got two new quests here but left in frustration with both seeing, and progressing any of them.

I'm supposed to kill rust monsters – except they are ^^ mobs in groups of two or three, and even the two group kicked my scaly ass. I'm also supposed to kill skeletons for coins – except they look more frightening than the rust monsters. I'm also looking for antiques – except I can't *see* anything in the freaking zone so I'll never find them if you just pick them up.

Moved on to the Ruins next. Now this is a fun place – there's orcs just outside of the entrance, along with squatters and rats and stuff. Became a killer of Orcs while working on leveling, got a quest from an axe, and made no progress getting to the "prophets" who I came to the zone after.

He can take the orcs down quicker than you can sneeze. Awesome! Groups of three or four are no big deal. A couple of lightning bolts and they fall. I'll definitely come back here again – there are also chieftain mobs who look really difficult wandering around here to take down in a few levels.

By this time I had made level 9 and was able to work on my class quest. Ran around from one place to another, killing slimes and interviewing people, and ultimately was asked to take a final test – make a golem and then fight and kill it. Now, when I hit level 10 I'm ready to be a summoner.

Next I ran him out to the Sprawl, and took out guttersnipes. Made it through I believe three different times of the guttersnipe quest, as well as the other task I was given to take down 10 guttersnipes. Started working on killing 10 giantslayers but there were few of them up. Some of them have even gone "pink" on me already which I found funny. Got a good thorough exploration of the Sprawl accomplished; was surprised to see elves and halflings here ! Now Hue, as a future betrayer, will not want to kill them, but boy is Hatereaper going to have fun with them.

After killing a few of the giantslayers and some wild dogs, I dinged 10. I'm a summoner. Summoned my creature, a bug like a klicknick, and it looks cool. I bet I'll have fun with it but I decided now was the time to log off. Four levels to go for Betrayal.

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 18 – 30% XP. Tez started out being in Antonica near the two towers in the early morning. Plenty of light; little chance of real-life interrupts ("Honey! Can you do….."). So I had him re-attempt the Journey is Half The Fun quest.

I got something like 13 minutes to complete a run around Antonica. East to Vhalens Tower, south to Gnollslayer's Keep, North to the Caltorsis ruins, west to the Oracle's tower, and back to the start line. With judicious use of both Spirit of Wolf, and Sprint, I made it with a full minute to spare. Next step is to do this run in the Commonlands so that's a bit further in the future; I'm scared to leave Antonica at this point still.

At last, finally, I found the stupid Earthcrawlers and completed that quest. Ran around and did several more errands for this lovesick elf, and still need to throw all his mementos in the sea from the Lonely Isle. Awwww, how cute he is eh?

Did enough trapping to find the clue as to what happened to the Scholars, and now I need to kill yet more Antonican wildlife to find pages from a journal. Started to work on Gnoll Battlers, but they were a little frustrating. The soloers were in the middle of large groups of aggressive lizards, Stonejaws I believe, and this made catching them a tad difficult. Since it was frustrating me I took out 3 or 4 of them and decided to come back later.

Finished doing the Antonican Creature catalog. Had to explore another forest in the north-east corner of the map, and the surrounding sea, to get the final couple of creatures. One was a gigantic golem walking around in the surf – "tidewalker behemoth". Went ahead and grabbed two more of these cataloging quests because the XP is very good – one in the various surrounding newbie areas, and one in the catacombs. Also completed one of the shard collection quests and got a useful bracelet.

After I got back to Nettleville I banked and set up house vault selling, and did the turnin for my wholesaler quest. And I got a new one – to get some new kind of roots I've never heard of. I bet they are harvested in Thundering Steppes, so I'll have to wait to get going on that one.

And I got a new workshop task again, and this time I hit paydirt. It's a potion recipe, so I can finally work those alchemical skills. It required a few things I had available from harvesting, and I bought the remaining ones off the broker for 30 coppers or so. I created the tempers and the resin, and started to make the sycamore compound, when I noted the late hour and logged off.

Tez is now in the top 7000 for questers on Mistmoore. Just barely, so I better have him complete some more or he'll fall in the standings. Hue is, amazingly enough, in the top 3000 for kills versus deaths. If I can keep him from getting killed ever he may manage to move way up in the standings here.


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