Posted by: mrrx | April 26, 2005

The Betrayer

Created Huehueteotl on Mistmoore, an Iksar, and a future conjuror. Planning to have him betray Freeport. Got him through the Isle of Refuge quests and into the Lizard's part of Freeport, Scale Yard.

Scale Yard is a worse dump than Big Bend, if that's possible. Barbarians and Iksar live there, and have the usual assortment of beginner quests. Had him pick up a bunch of them and found the super-easy one : "Go to this guy in the same zone and give him a message". Well, I thought it was super easy. Apparently all he speaks is Barbarian so that's out for the moment, and probably for all time.

After thoroughly exploring the Scale Yard I logged him off for the day.

Tezcatlipocca 75% XP. Completed part two of Scholar Demini's quests and started on part three, and finished Squire Kivan's gnoll miner killing. I finally found Blackburrow, and once you know where it is it isn't that hard to get to.

Blackburrow is awesome. Primitive drumbeats play, there's a mine tunnel along with another tunnel leading deep into the warren. A giant waterfall empties into a big sinkhole, and there's another river leading to the collapsed tunnel which once led to Halas. You very much get the feeling you're in a graphically updated Blackburrow from Everquest 1. Hugely, hugely updated but there you are.

This is apparently a good place to collect "?"'s and I got two of three Halas coins here. I'm going to guess that a gnoll bone collection is best completed here.

Also started a catalog quest for the first time – I was daunted back in January by the cost, but given the 63 gold in my bank 1 1/2 silvers doesn't sound so expensive anymore. Picked the Antonica Creature Catalog. Wish I'd done this sooner – find the creature, "cast a spell" which catalogs them, and you complete a quest step. Cataloged some of the easy ones, and at least I know where nearly all of them are.

Logged out in the tunnel in Blackburrow.


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