Posted by: mrrx | April 25, 2005

Being Hateful

Switched over to the Test server and created my first evil, Hatereaper, an eventual Shadow Knight.

Qeynos is green, vibrant, and clean. Freeport is brown, oppressive, and dirty. Whoa, have they done a good job with the atmospheres in this game. Having been in Qeynos for so long, I'm flabbergasted and amazed with what Freeport and the surrounding area looks like.

Obviously, I got Hatereaper off of the Isle of Refuge. That became the obvious thing to do quickly, after I discovered that there are no stats kept on the Test server. And given how I'm focussed on them on Mistmoore, it should be different at least to be more leveling-oriented on this server. He got through the required quests, collected shells and feathers, slew undead, and cleaned up the workshop, then found himself in Big Bend.

The Freeport citizenship quest is simple and obvious. Almost exactly the same as the Qeynos version. I knocked this one out, and did an extensive exploration of Big Bend. Picked up several quests and finished some of the easy ones – like "Visit the banker" from the bartender.

Made level 9, and got started on his class selection round two. I had to visit a couple of bars and "persuade" the barkeeps to quit serving drinks to some people. After I pulled that off and ran back to the Commander, I had to log for the night.


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