Posted by: mrrx | April 22, 2005

I actually grouped

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 17, 30% XP. Started out the night putting together a group to finish off the Captain Elgrondeth's dilemma quest. Five sonic shriekers in a group conning white would have been death for me alone. With the group of four I put together it was doable – shaman, enchanter, and two bards. We stuck together for awhile and wandered Antonica taking down mobs, and I progressed several quests like this. Got all the creatures on the wanted poster too.

After we broke up I finished up two more Far Seas requisitions, part two of the Captain's quests, and the obligatory Qeynos Civil Service. But I got a surprise after dinging 17 – I no longer can repeat this quest. Rats! There goes an easy 9 silver every so often.

Also worked quests from the little house. What little house you ask? If you follow the main road through the center of Antonica you come to a little tavern on the right side of the road, with several NPC's inside and three quest givers. I finished the dwarf's quests tonight, and got one more done with the halfling. The elf gave me a quest to take out "earthcrawlers", of which I've only been able to find one so far – centipedes, for those who speak english.

I also can finally bark like a gnoll, and collected everything for my wholesaler task. The next wholesaler task I got was to collect badger pelts. Score! Badger pelts are the easiest thing in the world to harvest, and I was done with the task inside of 15 minutes. My next quest is to gather vanilla, which should be doable but not real quickly. And then I got a workshop task.

Workshop ? Now I thought you said you wouldn't do any more of them? Apparently I lied; and I got one that sounds like fun. I need to make pecan-jumjum, involving about 3 nutmegs, one jumjum and one pecan each; all are tier one resources so I have to specifically collect them rather than grab while wandering Antonica.

The nice thing is I got two more easy quests inside South Qeynos, involving Tier 1 zones, so I can collect while I work those. Went to the peat bog to get one of those going, and collected a few items including some jumjum. But by this time it was getting pretty late so I logged off.

Now in the top 8000 in quests on my server. I'm making good progress on this.


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