Posted by: mrrx | April 20, 2005

Nice harvest!

Tezcatlipocca :Ding Scholar 12, then 13; 10% XP. Started out harvesting in Oakmyst and did pick up quite a few things. Eventually packed my inventory full including lots of metal, and got on his way back to Nettleville.

But he did manage a bountiful harvest all right – two rares ! Got a Bronze Cluster (now on sale for 4 gp), and a rough lapis lazuli (now on sale for 14 gp). Hope they sell by tonight, if not I'll just keep reducing the price until they do. The thought of that much gold has me salivating; that will buy some nice bags and chests.

And speaking of bags – I picked up two additional bags, 12 slot backpacks to replace some of the 4 slot ones. This leaves me with two 4 slot bags to replace, and one will be replaced once I complete the Tour of Antonica quest and get this pack.

And did much crafting in Nettleville. Bars, spikes, ornaments, and tempers, until eventually I had 6 sets ready for the final combine to create Ensare App III. And then I notice that the quality has taken a hit and I can only create APP II spells.

One thing I remember reading at was that the quality of the final component is dependent upon the quality of the main ingredient. Secondary ingredients do not matter. Did you get the same impression? If you did, forget it, because it seems to be a mix of all components used in the creation.

In other words, the final recipe required
* Sepia Ink
* Tin Spike
* Lead Ornament

When using a pristine tin spike, and normal sepia ink and lead ornaments, I was only able to make the shaped version of the Ensnare rune, IE App II. When using a pristine tin spike and sepia ink, and normal lead ornaments, I could make app III. When using all three items pristine, I could make App IV.

With this suprise, I managed to make two App III spells, but also two App II spells. So I went back and made another ten of each component, trying to get pristine versions for all three. And I suceeded.

Back to the final combine, and it was a bit hairy on a few of the runes, but ultimately I had the required ten runes. Thank god – it was getting really late.

I made the turnin, and completed the quest. I was disappointed that the NPC didn't ask me "Would you like another task?" so that I could say HELL NO ! It wasn't particularly fun creating those. I'm regretting making this guy a scholar already.

Finally I shuffled things around in the bank and the vault (my vault is full again of things to sell), emptying his inventory and ready for adventure.

Hammerbreaker : Thanks to the magic of the shared bank slot, he now has all three butterfly quests started, as well as being the keeper of spare shattered bones. He's even ready for the turnin for plain butterflies.


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