Posted by: mrrx | April 19, 2005

Being a Scholar

Tezcatlipocca : 75% scholar XP. After logging in and getting a new wholesaler collection quest, I thought it was high time I cleared off that other wholesaler task – making 10 Ensnare App III spells. So far my experience with making spells was frustrating, so I wanted to delete it. But this is a quest you cannot delete. So I figured, OK, I'll give it a chance.

Then I look up the recipe on EQ traders, and I'm flabbergasted. Man, is this thing complicated or what ? At least being that complicated means a fair amount of experience. And it looks like each spell costs 112 cp if I'm counting it up correctly. A thousand copper, I can afford now – and if the reward is nice I'll be in good shape. So I set out to do this.

First I travel to Oakmyst Forest again to do serious harvesting. Now I did try the Peat Bog first, but there just weren't enough nodes there to interest me, so I moved and I'm glad I did. I collected a ton of stuff, and was given 4 or 5 shattered bones from a very nice person to progress my bone collection. So far, so good.

Back to Nettleville, and got busy creating items. And it went well, but I made a mistake. I started out with the idea of creating 20 sets of items, so that if I could manage to create half of the spells at App3, and half at App2, I'd finish the task. And as I made more and more items, it started to seem like I could actually create them with just 10. Maybe, anyway. So I started moving onwards towards completing some scrolls.

So chloro oil – check. Isonoid Reagents – check. Chloro Wash – check. Chloro resin – check. Fossil temper…….. rats, I'm out metals. The strange thing about making runes is, it requires an awful lot of metals. And they look and act a lot like scrolls, so I was more focused on roots and wood. Well, live and learn I suppose. I did get much of the lower level stuff completed, and made 20 fossil tempers which is 2/3 of the way there if I am a perfect crafter for the final runes.

And so back to Oakmyst Forest. Harvest, harvest, harvest. I continue to collect all the wood, rocks, and gardens I can pick up. I ignore fish and traps. Some of the stuff I pick up I can sell easily, such as jumjum. Some I can make drinks with, like tea leaves. Some is junk – like the Twinleaves. I've been trying to sell these stupid things for a week now and I've sold a single one for one copper. But regardless, all of it gets picked up.

I'm disappointed that my bag-maker wasn't on tonight. I guess I can wait for him, 10 slot bags for cheap is very tempting. And the vault selling continues and goes well. I sold a spell for 1.5 gold, and have amassed nearly 3 gold pieces. Time to get more boxes for the bank and make harvesting more fun.

After tiring of harvesting but still having room for more, I logged for the night.


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