Posted by: mrrx | April 18, 2005

Lots of Quests

Tezcatlipocca – Ding 16, 25% XP. Tez was a busy boy this weekend.

Had him fight his way through Antonica further, and he progressed several quests here. Some quests were in the new range not listed on Alla's, such as from the baker, and the drunk, in the little lodge along the main road in Antonica. Most of these are simply Far Seas requisitions, which are just "Kill this list of animals for a few silver pieces". One notable was finally finishing up the Age of Rediscovery quest.

After wandering around and stumbling into enough young brown bears to finally take down the required number, I next found a place near the main road which had lots of Timber Wolves, and took enough of them down. The next step was to kill the Cruel Forest Wardens. The difficulty being, they were anything but clear with what that meant. The actual mob name is A Forest Warden, no Cruel or anything else modifying them. I wandered for quite a while looking for cruel ones before deciding to try and take down a regular, and I got a quest update.

After you kill the final forest warden, the final step is to grab the pages of the journal from under a rock. At last, I managed to do the quest turnin and I got a nice new staff which he uses as his weapon. That was fun! Plus, he even got another quest from this scholar and now has to search the area of the Bells of Vhalen.

Eventually, his inventory got full. I decided to poke around a bit as I had him walk from North Qeynos to Nettleville, and managed to pick up a simple quest to deliver stuff to South Qeynos. Had that done in 10 minutes. Next I get a quest from the previous target, to take out guardians in the Oakmyst Forest, so I accepted that and got back to my room.

Bought a new backpack, got ready and sorted with all my inventory and put it up for sale. And I run into a player selling cheap backpacks, who has his room in Nettleville, and has his access set to "friends". So I couldn't resist the next part – I moved around all his furniture, and told him not to set his house to "friends" access. I mean, this is Tezcatlipocca – the Aztec god of pranks.

He's pretty cool about it – he sent me a tell later thanking me and offering to make backpacks for a few silver, so I happily agreed to buy what he would sell me. He apparently spent the rest of the night gathering stuff for the crafting, and working on a zone access quest. So I made a friend by being a prankster.

Traveled to Oakmyst Forest and everything was pinked out. And I mean everything. (UI – I changed the gray to pink. Try and kill me you little Candyland monster!). Taking out the guardians was quick and simple, but wouldn't you know, after I do so there are dryad-looking NPC's standing behind them. I got a series of quests from them to help out with the forest.

As I wander around, I managed to complete even more quests which was absolutely awesome. I finished both the striped and spotted butterfly collections. As I wandered around here I kept seeing the "?" show up and collected them, thinking "Be the butterfly… be the butterfly…", and I got it.

This ended with me turning in two butterfly collections, and a complete butterfly collection, wiping out three of the collection quests which he's had outstanding forever. As an added bonus, he got two more shattered bones, and a chipped shard to progress those two quests. Clearly, what he really should be doing is hanging around Oakmyst to finish up those collections. Have to remember to do that later.

Eventually I left to deal with the Sapling quest. After finding some growing-mixture, and killing some faeries, I get asked to take out a heroic mob named "Rotweed". No problem, I'm thinking. I *own* this zone! Nothing here can even get a hit on me, so how hard can even the big tough mob be ?

I found the cave he lurks in, filled with pink mobs, and there's something inside named "Rotweed". Turns out that it was a group of three mobs, like placeholders but not my target. No trouble, I wasted them with extreme prejudice. Not a scratch on me, but most of my mana gone.

And then the big guy pops up. Blue ^^, and a tough fight which I could have won if I'd had full mana. Instead, I'm dead.

I recruited a level 17 wizzy nearby, who out of the goodness of her heart helped me take the scumbag down. She passed on all the phat lewtz too, so I picked up a few more things to sell. Then I got out of there and did quest turnins in North and South Qeynos.

The last thing he did was do his turnin for harvested resources (sycamore). I get a thank you and some coin from the Kerra behind the counter, and a new task. Harvesting more sycamore.

Now harvesting the sycamore took bloody forever. It seems it is one of the rarer harvests from the shrubbery, so I'm not keen on harvesting more. At least, if it's going to be some rarer harvest, I'd like to go after something different. So instead, I decided to get a new task, and for that I'd have to wait for awhile. That was my cue to camp and sleep.

And now Tez finds himself in the top 9000 on the server for quest completion; barely entered the top 20000 for kills; and is the 1500th shaman to level 16, on the Mistmoore server.


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