Posted by: mrrx | April 15, 2005

No Stress !

Tezcatlipocca – Maybe 60% to 15. Started out by checking my house vault, and both items I put in there sold. Hooray! The adept spell I wasn't worried about, but I also sold 20 harvested items.

And then I realized, you dink ! You can put bags/boxes in there and sell even more! As his paw slaps his furry forehead, I placed two 4-slot bags full of stuff inside, and I hope it all sells. If it does, I'm getting closer to being able to enjoy the game by picking up everything. I even managed to harvest a rare tooth.

Then he made his way back to Antonica. Now here's how open-ended this game is; he's working on all these quests at once :

* Far Seas Requisition to kill 10 timber wolves
* Far Seas Requisition to kill 5 Geckos and 5 pond gliders
* Wholesaler collection of Sycamore
* "Age of Rediscovery", by killing Young Brown Bears
* Tour of Antonica
* Gnoll language quest
* Civil service (rats/bugs/snakes for 2sp) once again

The Tour is a great idea they had to encourage you to explore. You walk around the entire zone and see "the sights". I made it through maybe 8 sites until I thought it would be too dangerous to wander around alone. So the Gnollslayer's cave is my next stop, sometime after reaching level 15.

Managed to earn quite a bit of XP, and progress all of these quests, while not finishing any besides the Civil Service.

Hammerbreaker – 100%+ towards level 7, which he can't achieve until entering Qeynos. Still on the Isle of Refuge, he finished up a few more quests and has now either one or two which I'm determined to finish before he enters Qeynos.

You see, you start out on the Isle of Refuge, but can never come back after leaving it. There are several quests which can only be finished on this island, and so if you find the quests important to complete you need to stay until you've finished them all.

I believe I've done all but four, and I'm skipping some – only the feather collection, and Captain Rockbelly remain. With few people online and none interested in doing Rockbelly, I ran around for quite some time looking for a feather. It sure is a strange idea, the big tough barbarian warrior looking determinedly all across the island for a feather. No dice however; didn't even find a spawn point for a feather, which really sucked. I'll have to try again tonight.

On the plus side, took out a bunch of skeletons and goblins so my hunting titles are getting more secure.


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