Posted by: mrrx | April 14, 2005

Character #2

Created Hammerbreaker, a Barbarian Fighter, Mistmoore server. Yes, I have no imagination – I'm recycling names from my EQ1 days. Then again, all the good names tend to be taken so its hard to change. Ran him around on the Isle of Refuge.

There's a quest available from the crabs, the very first thing you see once you get to the island, and the many characters I've started and deleted have never managed to get this quest. He did. I didn't have him talk to the class selection guy Darven, instead I just had him start punching the crabs. The second one dropped the quest starter item. The reward was worth it. On the flip side, I also found out you cannot collect the "?" items until you speak to Darven, which is a strange thing at best.

Finished up the fighter quests; shell collection; maybe a few others. Got killed several times taking on Captain Rockbelly. Won't do that again without a big group. Got tired and logged off.

Tezcatlipocca – Ran him from Antonica to his inn room, rediscovering Qeynos in the process. Everyone has this stupid plague – all the NPC's are green. At least I'm a shaman and can just cure myself. Completed one or two quests.

It turns out your house vault holds only two items. Sheesh, what a ripoff. Still, I put up my mage spell for sale as well as a stack of 20 malachites. Hope they both sell. Maybe there's a way to get a bigger house vault.

Starting off is going well. Next character : an Iksar Conjurer who will betray. Not sure when to start him off though; depends on how the other two are doing. I do want some variation in level though so I'm thinking someone at 20 and someone above 10 before starting the next guy.


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