Posted by: mrrx | April 13, 2005


Superpower – While its not EQ, I'm enjoying this, and it's a lot easier to drop if I need to stop long enough to chase a kid around. I started out playing this game as Argentina, with an eventual goal of conquering the world.

Assuming I can avoid being killed, I'll balance the finances first then research my military technology. After that I'll build an army and take out one of my neighbors. So far I increased taxes to 80%, started improving the economy, and am getting closer to a net trade surplus. Debt is at 100 billion or so, which can be eliminated in a few years. It's about year 2006.

Tezcatlipocca – Nice to see you again buddy! I logged in to find him deep in Antonica and immediately beset by big groups of gnolls. Had him run out quickly towards the big sword statue, and he did a combination of XP'ing and questing. Made it to Level 14 as a shaman, and got Spirit of Wolf as my new spell.

His fighting style is pretty simple as a soloer. Contagion, Slow (if tougher monster), start swinging, HO, then smite twice. So far he ends up with less mana then health so I guess I need a better weapon. I definitely need spell upgrades – App 2 for smite and all the rest are App 1.

Ready to do quest turnins including a gathering quest, gnoll ears, and a Far Seas requisition. I hesitated to return to town even though my inventory is full because I have a vitality bonus – I'm getting 100% bonus and I wanted to use that to its full extent. But after reading the web for a bit, I realize that this only goes down as you earn XP, not based on a timeframe. So I can go back to town and get busy, and quit throwing harvested resources away.

Hope I can sell big stacks of stuff on the market. I'm sure this guy is pretty poor – but I'll know for sure once I visit the bank.

Plan on making five characters, including a fury, warrior, conjurer, and monk. May also make a sorceror but that would exhaust all slots. I might also play evils on the test server.

Man I wish the kids were in bed so I could get back to it.


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