Posted by: mrrx | April 13, 2005

From January to April 13

Well, my gaming tastes have circled back to Everquest 2. At least for today; maybe there will never be another entry, but you'll have to check tomorrow to be sure.

In this timeframe I installed and played Everquest 2, and got extremely irritated and bored with it. Then I installed World of Warcraft and played for awhile. I was enjoying it, until real life intervened and I was unable to play for several days. And after not playing, I found that I didn't miss it. I couldn't write my experiences in the journal – it just wasn't any fun. So I gave up on World of Warcraft at the end of February, and played no MMORPG's.

Fast forward to April 10th. I got Superpower 2 and started messing around with it. And I checked the EQ2 forums to see what state the game was in, and to my surprise they have attempted to address all the things I complained about in the game. Finding myself playing a buggy game like Superpower2 which the whole world hates, I asked myself : Should I go back to the well once again and try the new EQ ? And the answer is yes.

So I'm going to retry the journalling thing, which should work with EQ2. Stay tuned for many fascinating entries, for both of you who actually read this thing.


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