Posted by: mrrx | December 30, 2004

Will he make it ?

Hammerbreaker : 92% XP. Got two different groups, and no significant XP from either one. Did manage to get killed once though, haha. At least now I know what fighting in Plane of Nightmare is like – it's dark, and easy to get adds.

Also did two more tasks and aborted a third. It wanted me to go someplace inside of Chardok. Didn't feel like doing THAT. It's hard for a warrior to get in there, to say nothing of getting out. Once in, who knows where they would have wanted me to go, wandering through a sea of KOS mobs. Other tasks were very much so worth it.

One final night for me to hit 55 and make that December goal. Two tasks and maybe a few monsters should do it. And no question, Hammer gets a rest after hitting this.


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