Posted by: mrrx | December 29, 2004

Being Tasked

Bloodskull : 90% XP. Did some more killing in Nedaria's. Up till now I've avoided killing the bears in the mistaken notion that they would be very powerful; it turns out they hit like girls, especially compared to the anaconda snakes, and give about 2% per kill where you get 1% from the snakes.

I found a spot where two of them spawn – near the ramp which takes you from the lower area to the higher one, and the Jaggedpine entrance. There are a few wanderers here along with a cave which has four red-con bears in it. When no bears are available the single Silverfur wolf, or the snakes, are good hunting. Once I do this in earnest he should be leveling in no time, this was more of a filling-in time session.

Hammerbreaker : 80% XP. Got on late and did not feel like looking for a group, so I did tasks instead. Two more Fedex type tasks, and the occasional light-blue kill, got me my XP. Started a third one which requires me to go to Veksar, but without any enduring breath item I can't really do that. Time to go buy one.

At about 4% per task, if I can manage to do five more I'll have my level. Crossing my fingers I can finish before month's end.


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