Posted by: mrrx | December 28, 2004

Got an LDON ! !

Littleoak : Ding 25. Was in Marus Seru grouping with the others in the zone, when someone suggested doing an LDON. We happily obliged – been a long time since I was able to do one. We were five, tried to get a sixth but were not successful, but did all get temped inside the Plane of Knowledge first. Went to Butcherblock and got a Mistmoore adventure.

Well the first 5 mobs went down easy and then we had a big problem – our tank and one magician get feared and go down. We turned the other magician's pet into our tank, and crawled our way in to the bodies. Then we proceeded to do very well, after hitting everyone with magic resist to keep from getting feared. We even won the adventure with a few minutes to spare, two augs dropped, I foraged a bunch of stuff, and got some plat out of the whole thing.

I didn't even end up healing much – our shaman was determined to do that, they all wanted me to use my pitiful nukes. The nice thing was even though they were minor, I could at least chain cast them without getting aggro so I did so. I'm so much more efficient outdoors at that, but oh well.

Only 75 more adventures until I complete the Mistmoore part of LDON – chuckle. But this does mean that Littleoak made 25 and completed his December goal.

Hammerbreaker : 72% XP. Didn't even try to get a group. Went to the Overthere and did a task, which involved running to Dreadlands teleport spires, the northwest crater in Burning Woods, and an NPC in Skyfire Mountains. The first two parts were easy.

Skyfire mountains is filled with KOS mobs, mostly dragons, and I'm told to walk into the middle of them. Sheesh. I managed it, and managed to get out alive, then gated back to Overthere and logged off. Got 46 plat out of the deal too.

Perhaps I should do faction work inside Mistmoore. You won't be able to for long (zone revamp will hit sometime in January), and apparently I'm high enough level where I will get sent to Skyfire after all.


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