Posted by: mrrx | December 27, 2004

Kiting Newb

Littleoak : 47% XP. Started out in Nedaria's landing, and it just wasn't going well so I decided to head back to the Plane of Knowledge. I stood there for awhile giving away SOW and practicing spells. Then I headed off to Marus Seru.

At first I tried to do some kiting, which still made me very nervous. Kiting is using a DOT or nukes, and running away from the mob, like flying a kite you keep it following you as you run. Anyway, I grabbed a greyhopper, hit it with two dots and ran around a bit. After running for awhile I would give it a nuke. This worked OK, but it was hard to get far enough away to allow the nuke enough casting time.

And the other dumb thing I figured out later – I didn't hit it with a snare. Well, yeah, the thing will still run like crazy if you don't do that knucklehead. But if I can get a snare to stick, and last long enough, it will be perfect for kiting things around. When I've used it in my teens it never stuck long enough to be useful. In any event, I think I should practice kiting in Nedaria's after all, because the anacondas there do not assist one another. I could pick one and run it all over the place without worry, unlike the greyhoppers where I have to avoid any of their friends.

So I joined a group, another non-traditional one; we were an enchanter, bard, druid (me) and a wizard who was much higher than any of us. Wizard would pull stonegrabbers, I would nuke them and heal the bard and the wizard. It worked OK, but the other guys got bored and the group broke up.

Fearfoot : My monk on Torv got some more playtime, notable for one reason only (Ding 6 ) : What a lot of fun it is to be very low level and get buffed.

Had her in the PoK and someone offered a temp. I ran over there and got it for her, then a druid hit her with thorns, regen and SOW, with an enchanter giving out haste. I then ran into Shadeweavers and destroyed mob after mob, white and yellow cons, and got two levels and some XP out of the deal. What a rush this gives you – you feel like the Terminator! Rawwwrr! I will DESTROY all who oppose me !

Eventually all buffs except Temp faded so I logged off.


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