Posted by: mrrx | December 26, 2004

Plasmatic meets his goal

Hammerbreaker : 64% XP. Went to the Maiden's Eye and helped a guild necro to fear kite. She would fear them, and I'd chase and whack them without getting hit. Barely any XP but I owe her some plat for letting me loot all the stuff.

Plasmatic : Ding 17, 18, 19, and 20. 8% XP. Did two sessions, one at the Paludal bandit camp #2 which I got through 19 and much of the way to 20. What a great group, and a late night one at that. The best part was when I nuked down to nearly zero mana, then closed my eyes and half fell asleep. Next thing I know I'm waking from dozing and I have 70m again. Can't beat that! Did that twice, got a second wind, and we just kept going for hours. Once it got extremely late though I did log off.

The second session I had a hard time keeping a group together, but just managed to get my level. I left the clowns I was grouped with, some kind of family who didn't know much about playing apparently – but at least I was able to group with em to get that final level goal.

Spent a substantial amount of time afterwards on spell practice, and his Evocation specialty is now at 51. You want to make sure the important specialization is over 50, and evocation is what matters for a wizard. Also got a lot of new spells, everything except for the one I need to research. It's an AE spell so I may need it, may not. Outstanding for him – finish practicing other skills to 100, some of them are pitifully low; research Fire Spiral spell; drink all that booze.

Someone was giving away game alcohol since it was Christmas, so I took a bunch of it. It never hurts to build up your skills, even alcohol tolerance.

One more goal down – next, Littleoak, because one level should be easy.

Littleoak : 9% XP. Got him back to Nedaria's and had two goes at charming animals and having them fight. Both times, the charm broke before either combatant was dead. Created a big train the first time, and while I tried to fight off the two on the second failure, I was barely successful and really chewed up.

Not sure that this charm animal spell is really that useful after all. Maybe I just need to thorns myself and kite them around. I'll have to see.

One thing for sure – the sea turtles are too strong, and not worth fighting. Sure, I can kill them, but they chew him up badly enough to require healing and medding immediately, so your kill rate is way too slow. Things got busy so I figured I'd try him a bit later.

Bloodskull : Ding 25, 30% XP. Had him fighting in Nedaria. While you can wander around near the docks, it can be a bit dangerous since you mostly see the Silverfur wolves, and these punks will assist one another which can get you killed. I prefer the cove frogs, and the anacondas. The frogs are hard to get out of the water and even harder to fight in it, so that leaves the anacondas.

It turns out, if you wander to the northernmost points of Nedaria's, that there are a bunch of anacondas there so I plan to do more fighting here. I keep collecting anaconda meat, and eyes, trying to get four of the "special" drops. I think I have two anaconda eyes and a single "silverfur wolf fur". Not going to get much XP from those quests am I ? Doesn't matter, the mobs are pretty easy and it's nice to do something different, especially to have the Rallos Zek worshipper causing mayhem in the pretty little forest. Muhahahaha.


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