Posted by: mrrx | December 23, 2004

Loaning your Hammer

Plasmatic : Ding 16, 20% XP. Had him sit for hours looking for a group in Unrest. No groups showed until he was almost at level 16. Well, I leveled him up at least (a full level basically) and collected a bunch of zombie skin to sell.

The tactic was either stand and nuke, and get beat up; or kite them by running back and forth through the entrance tunnel. Got just enough time to fire off a nuke between one and the other side of the tunnel.

Once I dinged, I worked on a bunch of things. Checked my training via the guildmaster wizards, and got my research skill. Ran to Gukta and got my Lexicon, which will allow me to create spells. Bought all my spells which I could, and got a new nuke and some protective spells. Figured out what spells I could research, and decided to skip it. They are AE spells and I'm just not using them right now, plus, I'll get more in a few levels so why bother ? Did the Adventure stone thing as well, and ultimately returned to the Plane of Knowledge.

I get my specializations at 20, not 30, so I can't wait for that. Also, I finally start getting port spells at 20. So I hope to work myself up to 20 soon.

Next, I checked out Kurn's Tower with my wizard. This is an easy place, should have come here earlier. Lots of green and lt blues, but a bunch of dark blues too, and nuked them to kingdom come.

Then I get a tell from a friendly person who gave me a bunch of his "junk", but his junk was my treasure. I put on a bunch of intelligence and have a much bigger mana pool now, plus a bunch of hit points. Nice! Have to remember to be nice to this guy if I see him again. But it was late when I saw him and I had to log off.

Hammerbreaker : 63% XP. Creeping up there slowly – we had a slow group tonight due to corpse recovery and link death.

So our bard asks me if he can borrow my hammer, and get his 1hb skill up that last 5 points. He says I can use his dagger, which is a nice 15/21 dagger. We fight for awhile and then he goes suddenly link dead and doesn't return. I freak out, imagining him deciding to steal my hammer for some ridiculous thing. Next I spend an hour or more in tells with his guild, refusing to give his name, but accidentally starting something by asking "Who is the guild leader ?".

Logged on this morning, he gave me back my hammer, and all is good. Shoot, somehow I have to explain this to this one gal tonight, without getting him in any trouble or naming names.


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