Posted by: mrrx | December 22, 2004

Umbral Plains

Bonebank : 40% XP. Fought for a little bit taking down fiends, until one of them got to me instead of the pet. I was a bit too worried about adds and didn't hit the attack button until too late. I got hit with crud almost immediately, but finished hitting it with DOTs and backed off so the pet could fight it. We did manage to take down the attacker, and I had to gate and beg for a heal. Just survived with 7 health points left – Phew !

So after this I figured, since I'm back in Plane of Knowledge, I should be trying out Kurns Tower. Found the way in and it is an interesting looking place. I got beat down by one of the guards and logged off afterwards. I need to figure out the tactics in this place and I'll do well.

Hammerbreaker : 60% XP. Went to the big guys hot spot, Umbral Plains, which is off of the Maiden's Eye. The monsters there took a fantastically long time to take down, but I got a bunch of skillups doing it so it has to be all good. I have a new armguard with slightly better stats, and a replacement set of gloves if I manage to get a better haste item. Got a drop every three or four creatures, which worked out pretty good. I won one roll and took the gloves instead of letting them rot.


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