Posted by: mrrx | December 20, 2004

New Goals

Hatereaper finally made 40. What now ?

1 – Hammerbreaker to 55 (only 50% to go)
2 – Woundbane to 35 (about 2 full levels)
3 – Bloodskull to 30. Enjoying him much more than Littleoak at the moment, so he gets the honors.
4 – Littleoak to 25 (one level)
5 – Plasmatic to 20.

This will complete my level-spreading project.

Also, I want to work my alts on Torv and Tholuxe. I mean, Shadeweaver's is a hotspot, it's the perfect time and place to get low-level characters going. Then again, so is Kurn's, even better supposedly yet I've never been there.

Ah, so much to do. Having so much fun doing it. I love this game.


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