Posted by: mrrx | December 20, 2004

Everybody plays (almost)

Woundbane : Ding 33, 10% XP. Healed a group of tribal-killers in Dawnshroud for a little while. Wasn't able to stay on so I had to log off way too quickly.

Plasmatic : Ding 14, then 15. 10% XP. Entered the Estate of Unrest, which is now a hotspot. Boy, it definitely is hot too. The XP came so fast it was almost unbelievable.

We had a good group, bard paladin rogue cleric and me, wizard. I was able to sit back and nuke, and med. I timed the nukes well; the only time I got aggro was when I wanted it. I had a temperance active and I helped bring one away when the crowd got too big once or twice. The group broke up, and I ended up duoing with a bard for a while, until it got late and we both wanted to log.

Bloodskull :About 25% XP. Soloed for awhile in Nedaria's Landing. Did OK until I found out that the Silverfur wolves will assist one another. Attacked one, got an add, got a second add, then a third, ran like crazy for the magus and escaped. Logged off with him sit-healing in the Abysmal Sea, a bit smarter for the experience.

Hatereaper : Ding 39, then 40. Did quite a bit this time with this guy. First, went out to Dawnshroud for The Usual. You know, killing tribals. Got into a group, and we ended up moving instead to the Rockhopper Caves, where we pulled hoppers and just managed to take them down.

Then we got an enchanter with a great strategy. He had some nice pet toys, charmed one of the NPC's and gave the things to him, and had him waste hopper after hopper with the rest of us either sitting around, or waiting in case of trouble. It was pretty good XP, got me to level 39 and let me practice my divination skill again (125 or so).

Picked up several hopper hides, although I was a bit disappointed, I thought we would get more. It turns out that if you take down the right creatures inside the hopper caves, the things inside it change – you might have either really tough Tribal guys, or the hoppers. Well someone not in our group did this, and we ended up getting tribals instead of hoppers. Ah well. But the good XP and real lack of any need to do anything were perfect for me.

One other item of note, is your faction hits if you kill the rockhoppers. This increases your faction with the tribals. Ah, shoot. I actually increased a few with them for this session then! What's worse, if I come back and take on the hoppers when I'm an appropriate level, I will increase their faction. The trials and tribulations of being Hate's reaper………….

Anyway – afterward, I went back to soloing the tribals. And at level 39, they finally started to turn light blue. I knew it was going to happen, but shoot, I never have maxed my negative faction with these little bastards! Maybe I should just come back when I'm really high level. Either that, or get into hopper cave groups and take down Sambatas. Either way, it was obvious his time here soloing was at an end.

Bought my spells for level 39. Unless you're tanking, most of these spells blow, which is annoying. I loaded up Heart Flutter and a new pet summoning spell, but otherwise I'm using the same loadout as I was before. At least I can use three dots now.

Well, I figured I would try sending him down to Lower Guk, and seeing how that place works for him. It is also a hot spot now; one of the oldest old-world dungeons I believe. Started working his way down, and found out that I would have a bit of a hard time getting in there. Some of the green-con frogs started to attack me, and at that point I decided it probably wasn't a smart trip for a troll to make alone. Oh well.

After that I ran him to the Overthere, and got a group at the Skyfire zoneout. This is really a good place to group – plentiful people, plentiful mobs, plus I can pick up the Sarnak braids to work on my Overthere hammer. Spent a lot of time here, got a lot of braids, and found myself the last one in the zone after the group broke up. Turned in my braids, and found myself with 91% XP. Still apprehensive at the outpost.

There was no way I was going to stop now. Talk about the goal being in sight! He was almost level 40, where I've been working him towards forever. So I decided to take on a task from the Outpost taskmaster, and got one called the Kunark Landing task. First, you have to swim to one of the southernmost islands in Timorous Deep.

Oh my god, I forgot how long of a swim this is. I spent an entire hour getting down there and back. Next, I was asked to head to the Skyfire zone, which I did very quickly. Finally, I ran off to Firionia Vie and talked to the guy I get my reward from, and he gave me some coin and 6% XP. Damn! Still not 40, and it's getting late. Well I went back to Dawnshroud, took down three monkey men, and finally got my ding.

He got a hotspot message to head to the Crystal Caverns, which I just might have him do. Supposedly the loot is good there, plus XP should be nice, and I've never had anyone actually make it down there. Wanted to run Hammer in but never managed it. But either way, it's time for him to rest at present.

Hammerbreaker : 51% XP. After getting a call for help/company from a guildie, ran Hammer out to the Acrylia Caverns. I've never been here, I thought this was off Shadowhaven, but I was wrong. Run through Shar Vahl to get to Hollowshade Moor, then to the Grimling Forest, and there is the entrance to the Acrylia Caverns.

Getting in was a bit hairy. With a SOW, I just ran and created the worlds biggest train. Once I was in we made a group of four, and just chewed through everything. Our beastlord knew his way around and had us hunt for named grimlings, which presumably would drop something real nice. We didn't get any, but we made two trips through the caverns, I got fantastic experience, and literally maybe 1k worth of platinum and bazaar items.

The grimlings drop runes, which I am told are vendor fodder, various blocks of acrylia, and some disease-bane weapons. I ended the night a happy camper, sure hope we're able to do it again. Maybe I can convince my shammy pal to duo in there with me.

Littleoak rested still.


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