Posted by: mrrx | December 15, 2004

Patch Day

Today they patched EQ again, and created new XP hot spots. Shadeweaver's for baby characters; Kurns Tower for 10ish; Unrest for 15ish; Lower Guk for 35-55; and other zones which I should try out. This means I'll be moving characters around a bit. I'm thinking :
Plasmatic —>Unrest
Hammerbreaker —>Lower Guk
Hatereaper —>Lower Guk, after tribals

That's on Tunare. Torv I'll be moving everyone below 10 to Shar Vahl and/or Shadeweaver's again. And maybe Tholuxe Paells too. Bonebank, definitely to Kurns Tower now.

The drop rate of spiderling silk is increased, which is good; maybe I'll be able to collect more and sell it. Or maybe the price will go down. Eh, either way. Plus with Shadeweaver's being a hot spot, I have even more of a reason to XP there with low level characters, and collect stuff to sell.

I love EQ. This looks like an absolutely stellar patch.

Hatereaper : Ding 38, 10% XP. The usual – tribals, loot, XP, negative faction. Got trained 3 different times from people running into Grieg's End. Much less of that now ! Hooray – Grieg's is no longer a hot spot. Almost got killed with one of those trains, just escaped death by a dangerous Grieg's zone-in.

I'm beginning to accept that faction will never be totally negative on the Sambata Tribe. It makes me wash away a hatred-filled tear, but the only way to do it seems to be continuing to waste the little buggers well past their ability to give XP. Not planning on doing that. I'd rather meet my December goals.


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