Posted by: mrrx | December 13, 2004

Run Run Run over Norrath

Hammerbreaker : 17% XP. Started out with a 10-minute group in Innovation, but the healers had to leave and the group broke up. Next, ran out to Justice and grouped for awhile near the exit.

They were pulling the various prisoners, sentries, and rats down to the exit where we would chop them up. It was interesting – kept getting a little dragon that was a wizard-type caster, two barbarians, and a couple of monks. Each one fought differently which helped keep it interesting. Eventually, they all got tired being on the east coast and logged.

Afterwards decided to try out Natimbi, but ran him most of the way there and decided to call it a night. I should be able to pick another character and fight instead of run around, right ?

Plasmatic : 65% XP. First I ran him into the Warrens to see if he could level up there. The ones at the entrance were all green, and further in some were light blue and would aggro as I tried to get him to penetrate deep enough to find dark blues. Did take out a few, but ultimately had to conclude this is not a good place to level him up.

Next, I moved on to Crushbone, to see what would work there. I could have him hang out at the wall and pull legionaires, but I was hoping for a group in the throne room. There was one other fella there, another wizard, and he pointed out to me that I'm missing a bunch of spells. So I'm not sure what to have him do next – try to XP here or pick up all his spells. Eventually I decided to have him log off.

Lots of running, perhaps more running soon. Hmmm, try someone else.

Parked Woundbane in Dawnshroud at the Grieg's entrance. Maybe he can get a group going there and level that way. Was not able to get a group, so I tried out soloing the tribals. That went badly – he doesn't have the offensive punch even with his nuke, and then he got an add so had him zone.

Another run with nothing – Sheesh, let's try a fourth.

Logged Hatereaper on, got ready to party, and found myself as tired as all get out. Did not feel like grouping and noticed people on who were determined to group, so I gave up for the night.

Bah. Ran constantly and did little else, but at least everyone is well-positioned for tomorrow, except Plasmatic maybe.


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