Posted by: mrrx | December 13, 2004

Overthere Hammer

Hammerbreaker : Ding 54, 8% XP. Did yet more whacking of Sarnak beserkers, enough to collect a full inventory of braids and other loot. And finally, finally, I had enough braids to make me Amiable to the Venril Sathir.

I hope I never see another berserker again. The hard part about this quest is just finding the damnable beserkers. Often there are a ton of them wandering around, and yet the wanderers do not seem to repop very often. Best strategy being to run around and pick up the ones that are easy to get to; once you can't see anymore available log off for at least several hours. I had thought the static spawns in the various ruins would help, that is, whack whatever is there and wait for beserkers to pop. They popped very rarely, and it wasn't worth the effort required to take down the others in that place. To say nothing of adds from sabretooths and rhinos.

The rest was easy – bought a piece of jade, and turned it in to the "Undead Foreman", and received my hammer. Tested it out, and I got gated fairly quickly. What I really should start working on is getting a higher dexterity. The higher my DEX, the sooner this thing will proc when needed. It's definitely not useful in an emergency, as I would have to swap this with whatever weapons I'm using at the time, plus the proc rate right now is maybe 2 or more minutes.

Afterwards got a struggling group in Innovation which didn't have good healing; we did a lot of sit-healing. I got sick of that and logged.

Bloodskull : 10% XP. Ran him out to Nedaria's Landing. The XP was pretty good, one wolf or anaconda at a time. I had him stand at the docks and anything which came close to the boardwalk got killed. Expect to level him up more out here.

Hatereaper : 75% XP. More tribals, some with friends and some solo. Filled up on loot, dumped it, ran back, killed some more and logged off. A typical day in the life of the Hater. Faction, still, is not maxed.


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