Posted by: mrrx | December 9, 2004

Now, Natimbi

Hammerbreaker : 95% XP. Went to Natimbi for the first time.

You zone into a Wayfarer's camp, on what looks like a river. I crossed the river and stood by some ruins, and we camped these little undead creatures looking for a +20 hp augment. This was an amazingly profitable trip – I got a headpiece for Bloodskull (at least, once he reaches 45); the "Decrepit Taelosian Band", which is a minor upgrade from my +65 HP ring; a stack of money and some items to sell in the bazaar.

This morning I checked the loot table on the zone – I want that Shell Inlaid Collar. Another item with regen! Regen is critical, plus the stats of the necklace are pretty good, so I think I'll travel there for my next session again. Always a good idea to assist guildies, especially if you might get something you need yourself!

Afterward, returned to Overthere and worked on more braids. Another load of braids, still "dubious". Maybe I need two more loads, I'm not sure. Killed five light blue cons trying to get that XP bar to move but it wasn't going to happen.


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