Posted by: mrrx | December 8, 2004

Sarnak Berserkers

Hammerbreaker :78% XP. Began the work necessary to get his Overthere hammer.

First step, is kill Sarnak Berserkers. The funny thing is, nowhere on line could I find a hint of just *where*, exactly, in the zone Overthere these bad boys showed up. I eventually figured out they wander quite a bit, but they start from the road junction in front of the Frontier Mountains zone; and a few ruins on the south side also hold various Sarnaks including berserkers. Basically, hang around on the south side & kill every Sarnak you see.

Wandered around figuring this out, took many of them down, and almost experienced the green death when a rhino and two friends started attacking me while I was sit-healing. Looted many Sarnak Braids, necessary for the factioning. Eventually had a full inventory and turned them in. No visible change yet, but that's expected. Refilled my bags about halfway, for a second load, before I had to log off.

One nice unexpected side effect : The coin I am getting is pretty good. Getting a few things like runes also, but just banking 70 plat or so per trip. The occasional light blue Sarnak, dark blue Sabretooth, and the turn in XP netted me the 78%, and if collecting the braids takes forever I could get close to my next level.

Bloodskull : Ding 23, then 24. Ran through Paludal taking out bandits when they were available, and fiends when they were not. Lot of stuff turning light blue so I decided that's it, he's leaving. As cool as it is to pull a tent of bandits solo, it's very unreliable and too crowded. Had him buy his disease resist spell and camp in the Plane of Knowledge.


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